Attend Python Training Basic

Python Training Basic

Gothenburg City, the Volvo-companies, Fordonskomponentgruppen and Veldi offers in cooperation an online basic training in Python, called “Python Training Basic”.

A chance to learn something new

This is an offer for individual competence development on voluntary basis for developers interested in programming and is a possibility to learn more about programming. The language is used in the development of support systems and in data science/machine learning. No prior programming knowledge is required.



The course will take place, at different starts, during July-August and will be completed in September, at the latest. After you have applied, you will receive more information about when your course starts etc by email.

The course includes recorded sessions and with tasks to work with between the sessions. You will be able to ask questions and receive help during the course from a dedicated trainer. Each course is appr. 3,5 weeks long and is available during your lay-off period.


  • Install Python. Jupyter Notebook will be used for Python

  • Run scripts from command line

  • Datatypes

  • Instantiation – Assigning and changing values of variables

  • Python syntax

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • Arguments

  • The basics of object handling in Python

  • Writing a simple class with a constructor and the key word “self”