Attend Analysis in Python

Data-analysis Python – Syllabus

In cooperation with Veldi kompetens Volvo Cars offers this course for employees at Volvo Cars (not for consultants). This course targets persons who have some experience with Python or other similar high-level programming language and wants to learn to draw graphs and make calculations on data. The main goal of this course is that students will be able to plot data on a graph, read and write data from file.



Install packages with PIP. PIP is a package managing tool used with Python. After the course the student will be able to install and handle packages with PIP.
Numpy and matplotlib. The student will learn to use the packages numpy and matplotlib and how to refer to their corresponding manual.
Draw a graph. After this course the student will be able to draw a graph on a window and apply an arbitrary amount of axis.
Assign values. The student will learn how to assign values to a specific graph and axis.
Read and write to file. The student will learn how to load their own data stored on file and assign the values of said data to a graph.
Calculations. After the course the student will have knowledge on how to make calculations on their data before it’s displayed on a graph. The results should also be able to be stored to file.



Four sessions, 8.15 – 10.00 starting Monday 25th of May (the sessions is recorded in advance*)
Last session Monday 15th of June (the course ends Friday 19th of June)
You will get some tasks to do after each session the remaining week

*you will find links to the recorded sessions in Itslearning (webbased learning tool) for which you will receive login.


Please sign up before Thursday 22th of May.